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Spring/Summer 2015 Update

Happy #winewednesday! Although things remain generally quiet here on Social Media, #wineliving (meaning, me) is still up to quite a bit behind the scenes. I thought I’d give you the latest update:

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Recognizing BWB: Bad Wine Behavior

Wines are a food product. Mishandling on the supply side can affect the quality of what we buy, lead to disappointment, inventory loss and loss of repeat sales for the store. Here are some warning signs to look for that indicate when a wine vendor might not be caring for their inventory in the best way.

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Behind the Scenes: Making a Video

Sure, technology has made it much easier to make a video. But there's a big difference between making something that entertains friends and family, and telling a story that is interesting to total strangers. Over the past two years, I've learned just how much effort it takes to make good content. I thought I would share my process.

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